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Discover what separates us from the remainder of the clear view fencing industry.

About Our Business:

A private company supplying specialized clear view security fencing systems and accessories, including turnkey project management and associated services in multiple market segments, commercial, industrial,  mining and residential sectors, locally and north of our borders into various continents around the world.

Our differentiating factor is based on service excellence, appropriate solution provision, unrivaled quality in product and workmanship,

always at the right price.


There are no tasks to small or projects to large, that our range of products and services do not cater for, having built a trusted reputation for designing, constructing and installing superior quality clearview fencing and gate access systems. We offer an extensive range of innovative, aesthetically pleasing, high quality clear view fencing products to secure people, property, premises, assets.

About Our Team:

Our team consists of experienced, qualified and unique individuals with a combined experience of over 130 years, We have at the helm -

Engineers  |  Business Architects  |  Project Managers

Analytical Experts  |  Marketing Guru's

About Our Style:

"Vi-Novate" our definition: the focus on innovate leading edge technology combined with experience which makes us trendsetters in the industry. 


For over ten years we have approached the industry with an unorthodox style which in turn has separated us from our competitors, we believe in being different, we believe that in an industry diluted with relic like methodologies does not create the value of a modern day approach in regards to technology and creative "out of the box" thinking which in turn is combined with business values, experience and principles that have spanned hundreds of years. This combination of "old school" and "new school" has to date made us distinct and unique from the remainder of the industry.

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About our Business

About Our Achievements:

Orders Placed: 1817

Once Off Customers: 1640

Recurring Customers: 177

Customer Satisfaction: 90.25%

Continents Reached: 3

ZA Provinces Specified: 6


Yearly Awards: 3

Industry Advertising Reach: 3 000 000 +

Social Media Followers: 13 000 + (largest in the Industry)

The above-mentioned is based on statistical analysis of business

conducted over an 8 year period

About our Achievements

About Our Business Personality:


Our personality type collectively is typically logical,


analytical and objectively critical.

We like long range planning and strategic thinking.

We focus on ideas and we like to think ahead, making a systematic effort to reach our objectives on schedule.


We are impatient with inefficiency, and can be tough-minded when we see these problems getting in the way of achieving our objective.

We prefer to work with frameworks, more than details.

We like to come to quick decisions about how to proceed.

We like having definite systems and rules to govern the way we do things.

If we are to change our methods, we need to change our rules.

we value logic and consistency.

About Our Adopted Philosophy:

Pareto in Business
The law of the vital few states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes … Joseph M. Juran

(based on productivity theories from Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto)

80% of profit comes from 20% of customers
80% of complaints comes from 20% of customers
80% of sales comes from 20% of product range
80% of sales comes from 20% of sales staff

Therefore business has an opportunity to improve on profitability by focusing on the most effective areas of operation and eliminating, ignoring and/or automating the less profitable areas of endeavor, as may be appropriate …

Principles such as “Pareto”, in its many forms and guises, emanating from the early 20th century (1906) are frequently re-visited and re-interpreted to meet with modern day challenges in business.

Our Philosophy
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