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How do I choose the correct supplier and product type for my application?

A very simple and accurate response is –

  • By choosing Vi-biZ and the Vi-guarD brand of products you will be guided through the entire process of meeting with your projects requirements in their entirety, be they the appropriate product kit material supply only or a full turn-key project from design to product and the installation thereof, always meeting with your budgetary constraints and achieving your reasonably specified time-lines for satisfactory completion …

But I guess that is a biased response, so let’s get to answering your question objectively –

  • Local manufacturers should always prove to be a first choice over fully imported product, for the following reasons –

  • Besides “local being lekker”, it will be easily established, that reputable local manufacturers provide a limited extended guarantee on all their manufactured products, usually similar to or the same as the Vi-guarD product range, i.e. 10 years…

  • Once you start asking questions of suppliers of fully imported product, it will rapidly become apparent that they usually do not warrant and / or guarantee the product they’re selling, their fencing products are discreetly inserted among their unrelated products that may be locally produced in instances and you only establish this when you have a claim against poor quality etc…(wouldn’t it be nice if it was a requirement for these suppliers to state up front that their product is not warranted or guaranteed)

  • Criteria that has been apparent on fully imported product coming into South Africa has been –

  • Generic statement of on-seller of fully imported product, "We are unable to supply you right now, your purchase requirements are still on the water" (in a container on a container ship…AND this is usually the ships fault…”do excuse my sarcasm”)

  • The status quo in so many instances, seem to be that excess non-conforming product is being “dumped” here locally at extremely competitive pricing levels from points of supply origin being either India and China

  • These products appear to meet with quality specifications, but usually are coated, either with steel paint or polyester powder, hiding the actual wire, which has in instances proven to be lightly coated (class C) galvinized mild steel wire ... NOT high tensile wire which has an acceptable 400 - 700 Mpa rating, including heavy galvinized class A coat, i.e. the non-conforming material has similar qualities to diamond mesh fence wire, which you can literally cut through with a light side-cutter tool.

  • In the Afrikaans language there is a nice saying that goes like this, “goed koop kan duur koop wees…” roughly interpreted as, “ buying cheaply can be an expensive experience…” OVER AND ABOVE supporting local manufacturers has an immense social impact on the well being and employment of many AND AS WE ALL KNOW, OUR ECONOMY AND COUNTRY DESPARATELY NEEDS THIS…

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