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What is clear view / clearview / clearvu fencing?

The reference to “CLEAR VIEW” is based on the transparent aesthetic of the barrier that is presented in the finished application of the fencing product.

The names such as ClearVu, ThruView, CThru and so on, are exactly that, names that manufacturers have named and referenced their range of products such as ClearVu which is a registered trademark name of a patented range of products by a specific manufacturer…for the rest, they are names adopted by distribution channel on-sellers for various manufacturers or importers of this product type…

It is to be noted, the brand name that stands proud of the crowd is Vi-guarD sanctuary defined by Vi-biZ for so many reasons –

  • The highest technical/quality specification in the industry - verifiable

  • ISO accredited factory and management system

  • SABS Quality Management system, with mark bearing product range

  • 100% South African

  • Competitive pricing

  • Full turn-key project services, from design to installation…

  • 10 Year guarantee on all manufactured product

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