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Why would I choose this type of fencing barrier over “old school familiars”?

There are so many responses and answers to this question, but serious consideration has led us here –

  • Barriers of every shape, size and form have been part of the civilizing evolvement of humans since the beginning of time, primarily to secure a given site of occupation from predators of every size, shape and form…and even in the sophistication of our current form, as hard as we work to secure our environment from predatory presence, predators work as hard at devising means of circumventing these security barriers AND that is the simplicity of the answer to this question, i.e. the innovative design, manufacturing technology and materials used in the creation of this product type are of a level of sophistication that far exceed fencing products of yesteryear and prove to be INTRUSION RESISTANT to the highest level (acetylene cutting torches or robust high speed grinding disc tools required to penetrate this barrier type verse a light ball-pean hammer for palisade intrusion and light hand side-cutter for diamond mesh). AAaaahh and before I forget, a rubber mat and wooden stick to by-pass electric fences…!

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